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Reviews are member-reviewed favorites - anything from cafes to dentists to local bands. Post your own review to share it with your friends and neighbors.

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"going down hill" - 02/26/07 by skyfox

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Zeitgeist bars / clubs / cafes
"Most relaxed hang-out patio in the Mission" - 10/16/04 by Laina
Borderlands Books shops
More Books - 06/19/08 by Unsubscribed
Zheng Long restaurants
Best kept Chinese food secret in Walnut Creek - 10/09/04 by Sabrina

favorite restaurants

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Sangam Indian Cuisine
Sangam Indian Cuisine
"Sangam in San Jose"
- 10/13/06 by Mestiso

other favorite reviews to eat

Ghetto Gourmet
"the sexiest meal you'll ever eat." - 03/03/05 by .lady.
"fantastic" - 02/03/05 by Michelle
Brother In Laws
"Overblown" - 04/15/06 by Patrice
Mela Tandoori Kitchen
"hell yes!!!!" - 12/31/06 by

top local bands

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The Girlfriend Experience
The Girlfriend Experience
"Still Rockin in the (Un)Free World"
- 10/27/04 by den

favorite places to shop

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other favorite places to shop

Mitchell's Ice Cream
"So many good flavors.." - by Carla
Paws and Claws
"Best pet supply in east oakland" - by
Gravity Feed Organics
"Best Ass-Kicking Juices Ever - and Organic" - by Unsubscribed
"still curious?" - by Unsubscribed

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