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Reviews are member-reviewed favorites - anything from cafes to dentists to local bands. Post your own review to share it with your friends and neighbors.

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Brother In Laws
Brother In Laws
"Used to be great" - 10/03/06 by Maja

other featured reviews

Artemis bands / djs / musicians
"Breath Taking" - 11/28/04 by Unsubscribed
Torrefazione Italia bars / clubs / cafes
"Best Chai ever" - 10/15/04 by Vera
Borderlands Books shops
Best bookstore in the city... - 10/15/04 by Unsubscribed
Ghetto Gourmet restaurants
the cult of food - 06/02/05 by beth alyse

favorite restaurants

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Ghetto Gourmet
Ghetto Gourmet
"the cult of food"
- 06/02/05 by beth alyse

other favorite reviews to eat

"Politically and Comestibly yummy" - 01/06/07 by Brandon
Brother In Laws
"Used to be great" - 10/03/06 by Maja
Hiro's Sushi
"amazing sushi" - 10/26/06 by *serious*
Kabul Afghan Cuisine
"Excellent Afghani food, nice decor, good service" - 09/10/04 by KK

top local bands

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"totally rocks!"
- 12/06/04 by Twinkle

favorite places to shop

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other favorite places to shop

Kid Robot
"Japanese anime futurist robots" - by pengrin™
Borderlands Books
"Best bookstore in the city..." - by Unsubscribed
Aquarius Records
"Excellent reviews of albums" - by Unsubscribed
Sports Basement
"REI's wet dream" - by darla

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