Velvet" Lesbian Bar of Oakland: Why it Sucks.

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Velvet" Lesbian Bar of Oakland:  Why it Sucks.
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I have never met the owners, but the current manager is a scary, unethical individual who shouldn't be involved in or around our community. - adrianna , posted 07/20/09
"Velvet" Bar of Oakland: Why It Sucks...
"HUE" the bouncer is abusive physically & verbally with women. I'm furious & appalled from the injustice of these 3 men who run this lesbian bar towards. Pending Situation. When I reported to both owners over the phone of being handled inappropriately by the male bouncer, they only told me that "their staff wouldn't do that" before hearing out the situation. "Velvet" ~3 men running a lesbian establishment accept/& or deliver non~consensual domination towards the female lesbian patrons, ~if it's your bag then go for it. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/29/08

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