"The Subject is Sex"

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"The Subject is Sex" Plus Cheap Smut Give-A-Way!
Last Friday I got together with a half a dozen friends and made reservations to see "The Subject is Sex" at the Oddball Film+Video screening room in the Mission in San Francisco. It's a wild collection of super-rare sex clips including adult movie trailers, vintage porn, sex cartoons, movie trailers and campy burlesque.
The films were all compiled(a dvd is available for $20 on sale from $25) from the host and producer Stephen Parr's collection of some 50,000 films. It's not too smutty, (though no kids are allowed!) and during the break there's a "Cheap Smut Give-A-Way" in which Parr gives away wacky vintage porn items, like autographed magazines, Russian smut and other weird stuff. The screening room only holds about 30 people so you'll need to make reservations first.
It's a pretty hilarious and wild show and he's been screening it around the US for several years now to sold-out houses. I picked up the dvd for $20 (available at www.othercinemadvd.com for $25.00) and it has some great bonus material like a crazy "Beefcakes and Cheesecakes" montage with super funky music featuring muscle guys, bikini girls and strippers gyrating and dancing away. The audience is a good mix of couples and singles-(not a raincoat crowd) and they also do screenings on Saturday nights as well-usually more art and
cult films but always interesting.
So check out the website and get on the mailing list-they also do free shows every once in awhile as well. - S , posted 08/20/04

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