Sufi Cafe

2 ratings since posting on Thursday, September 9, 2004
in Mountain View
815 W El Camino Real, Mountain View
650 962-9923
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(submitted by Melissa )

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Cozy, light-hearted coffee shop
Cozy, at-home, non-commercial environment, yet interestingly large selection of drinks. Nice pastries, but hope more food will soon be served there. Lots of interesting things to read, and free high speed wi-fi too.

Whether you come for the dripped coffee or for the 'other stuff', you'll surely not be disappointed. (The owner roasts the beans daily and grinds them only when you order.)

There is a website: - Simon , posted 02/21/06
Coffee with a twist
Really great cafe (when you can find it open) with the theme of sprituality from Iran. The owner is very friendly and it feels like you have walked into a home. Relaxing and the coffee is amazing. - Melissa , posted 09/09/04

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