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Honest Mattress Store -- Great Service, Great Prices, Great Experience
So, you've heard all the horror stories about buying a mattress and bed -- from bait and switch to high pressure sales people. Well, one store stands out heads and shoulders above the rest -- New National Mattress Clearance Center.

We started out recently looking for a mattress at the usual big places like Macy's and Sears. Nothing wrong with those stores. However, we were worried about going into the other national mattress stores because of the negative stories we heard floating around. So, we ended up doing some research on the internet and here's what we found about this store.

They've been in business for more than 20 years here in San Leandro. They don't advertise and have always gotten their business via word of mouth. We found other people's stories and recommendations about them and NO bad stories. Impressed, we hopped down to their current temporary (hopefully) store/warehouse -- temporary because their store on Hesperian Blvd. burnt down in a fire earlier this year.

We were greeted by Willie, a knowledgeable and friendly individual, who never pressured us, listened to what we were looking for, and patiently recommended mattresses to try out while we tried and discussed and tried some more.

Here's the great thing about New National Mattress Clearance Center. Along with no-pressure, friendly service, they have some seriously value-driven prices. They don't offer "trial periods" or "free delivery" (though their delivery rates are extremely reasonable). They just offer good service and great prices.

We found our new bed fairly quickly. It ended up being a super-premium Simmons. When they asked us when we'd like it delivered. When we said, "As soon as possible." Keith (the owner I think) offered to drive it over after work the same day! Keith showed up on time and quickly delivered the mattress. He's another great guy. Friendly, professional, and obviously well-trained in customer service.

Even though we knew we got a great deal, we wanted to know HOW great of a deal we got. Well, after searching through the internet for a while, we found that our bed set beat out the lowest internet price by a substantial margin.

In a time where there's tons of examples of not-so-great service, esp. when it comes to beds, New National Mattress Clearance Center sticks out to us as the place to shop for beds!

(By the way, we found out later that after the original store burnt down, the order records were completely lost. On good faith, they offered their customers full refunds or quick replacements. They ended up setting up every customer who had not taken delivery yet upgrades. Now THAT'S customer service!) - Harris , posted 10/23/05
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