MYSPACE - less fascist than tribe!

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MYSPACE - less fascist than tribe!
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Never been there! Don't have an Account!
Don't give a damn! - Unsubscribed , posted 08/29/07
offline 496
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Feb 27 2007 7:27A

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A85809577 - - , posted 08/29/07
TRIBE is WAY better than MySpace
IT is NUTS - while there are ISLANDS of COOL, a VAST MAJORITY is UTTER COMPLETE TRIPE & UGLY as HECK! - Dru-Purt , posted 08/29/07
Myspace really bites the big one. - Unsubscribed , posted 08/29/07
would myspace allow this? - Unsubscribed , posted 08/29/07
spewing LA plasticulture accross the universe
myspace is MUCH more heavily censored than tribe!!

its also crawling with pedophiles, teenies and bots constantly spamming everybody with advertisements and stupidity.
no brain activity in the threads,
pages take 2.3 years to load.

owned by Rupert Murdoch (of Fox News, neocon central), and built in LA, so what do you expect? - Bernie , posted 08/29/07
You gotta be shitting me... Myspace is better than Tribe? Pffft!!! Myspace is full of teenagers wanting to party... - Forest , posted 08/29/07
Fascist? Couldn't say. Definitely better here.
Remember that website, "" Now all they have to do is link to myspace. The average user there commit so many of the errors that the site has been pointing our for the last 12 years. - OakDragon , posted 08/29/07
it needs advancing
Myspace is no better or worse than all of the similiar meeting places on the current web. Its only the early 21st century so I don't mind things as they are at present. - Unsubscribed , posted 08/29/07
Myspace sucks big time
It has to be one of the most badly designed site I have ever seen. Why are people so stupid and put all these things on their myspace pages - making them un readable? One can't even navigate at all with all the garbage that is on there. The layout is horrendous. Yes, tribe, with all her faults is a hundred times better. - Unsubscribed , posted 03/05/07
good for unsigned bands
every other aspect of myspace is horrid. - Zinga , posted 03/05/07
murdoch owns myspace. i need not say more. - shKna , posted 03/05/07
Void - Albe , posted 01/24/07
Ewwww! - , posted 01/16/07
O, gosh people like to bitch.
Re: Myspace
I also dislike the ads, the teenyboppers.
As for complaining that someone has music on there page: that's what myspace was started for, to spread music. If you don't want to listen, click the freaking pause button! I do it all the time due to a clunky connection.
I don't like that it's corporate now, since I joined just before the Fox-over. Deff more ads. As long as they don't get in my way, I'll still go, just for the people I know there. I'm watching the watchers.
I agree that some people have over pimped their pages. Some get too hard to read. But the original design is not to bad.
And it's not that hard to deny affiliation to someone. So what if there are lots of kids? I go to coffee shop a when I want a strong mocha, resturant b when I want samosas. Why do we insist that one site be everything? Shop at Myspace for music, events, old friends who's e-mail may be hard to find. Come to tribe for community of all kinds. The internet is huge!! Spread your love out!
I dig lots of tribe's features. I am slowly converting. I have to go through myspace detox first :) - Sprout , posted 01/16/07
Censor yourself and no one will get hurt
My best friend from second grade found me on MySpace. I also keep up with many other friends who are farther afield and not on Tribe. I've found friends from a decade ago with whom I lost track who are in many other states now. Since I'm not in a band nor a filmmaker, I guess I'm one of those 'slutty' profiles previously mentioned... ;)

I just don't put anything very important there. - Dawn , posted 12/29/06
you know if we were all alike and enjoyed the same things in life our world would be rather a dull and non-functional place..........i do have a myspace profile and i have met many many very interesting people with wonderful artistic abilities..........just as i do on tribe. - Unsubscribed , posted 12/29/06
What the fuck do any of you care?
Doctor it hurts when I do this... Don't do that. - Sean , posted 12/28/06
yeah I guess
but myspace has its place. Any website that helps people meet each other is fine with me. But the govt is watching! And its not mcdonalds that owns myspace, its fox news. You know they sell the marketing rights for that shit too. - Justin , posted 11/25/06
I love much more better.
Hahah! I all ready did a review on myspace yesterday, you people should read it you'll probably laugh and agree with what I have to say. But yes is much more better than myspace is just an image thing which is why everyone on it looks the damn same. I mean there is no one profile where someone doesnt look Emo, or Gothic or like some slutty whore when you know they are all just fakes and posers anyway. I'll have to agree with people here is far more superior than - Vincent , posted 11/14/06
knuckle scrapper technology
Isn't myspace owned by McDonalds? - Unsubscribed , posted 11/01/06
i just had to say something because everyone else did
but i cancelled my myspace cuz i can't spend thaT MUCH TIME glued to a computer screen
tribe is low maintence however "shallow" that may seem - katrinka! , posted 08/01/06
listen, i appreciate anything other than the status quo any day of the week, but with artists being able to market themselves, promote themselves to a ka-billion users, put up their work and interest other human beings in that work...well, i just have to say it is fantastic. This is another situation of people outside of the mainstream (tribe) insisting that their way is the better way and everyone should conform to being just as alternative and "free thinking" as they are...when in reality, the tribe users are the ones casting shade and judgement on the world at large. Um, just a teeny little bit hypocritical don't you think. "Oh, no, I'll respect you, just so long as you are exactly like me and agree with everything I say and how I live my life...I expect that will work for you too and you're an idiot not to agree. That's kind of how I see it. Oh, you don't agree? Well, you're just too mainstream. I'm done with you." BullSh*t. If you wanna preach acceptance, then honey you had better practice it. Sorry, just indicative of a larger problem in my mind. The "alternative" casting away all things "mainstream" and screwing themselves in the process. - Unsubscribed , posted 07/31/06
Like everything,It has it's up and downs.You guys gotta remember that you have all been so used to this tribe for so long that anything outside of the comfort zone can be a little too much.I just appreciate the musician and film profiles where you can get to experience the artist unlike anything available currently.Able to view music and film is a real treat for me,especially if I already have interest.WHATEVER FELS BETTER:) - ~*~ , posted 07/31/06
Too Mainstream
I don't like myspace, its shallow and mainstream as far as i can see, plus all these boring guys keep sending me emails wanting to some kind of personal ad site. I love Tribe, I love the vibe to it, the number of cutting edge folx on here keeps me coming back. - Mary , posted 07/27/06
my space sucks
being a corporate, egotistical place... i signed up to help me keep i n touch w/ a few friends and i'd rather call them then be on myspace.... it is great for promoting your business, ex... night club / party... i personally don't like it though. - LeoHawk , posted 07/22/06
one less site to navigate to...
i am not too familiar with my space- i recently joined so that i could answer emails from some friends-i have not been on tribe for very long, but i seem to vibe with it and have met and befriended many people= since i live five hours north of the bay area, tribe keeps me connected to the Psychedelic Trance community and other interests that i have. Nothing negative to say about my space=just one less site to navgate to.... - GAYATRI , posted 07/22/06
it is not better - Unsubscribed , posted 07/22/06
If those emo droogs on myspace are the future...KILL ME NOW. I get so much crap from kids that are 13 years old and need to be smacked the hell out of- there needs to be some parental supervision- it is a gang of prepubes....yuck.
Tribe is more 'mature' and is more for making connections with people you know and for actually talking to them. Myspace is more for promotion than anything (even god is on there, I think- at least, a few of them.) I only use it for that, and for blogs.
All I see is a bunch of myspace whoring, cam whores and shows, bands promoting themselves, and pervs...
My friends are my friends on there..but there are ALOT of really...ehm...INTERESTING folk.
My vote (and I am just learning how to use it) Tribe.

S - Sundari , posted 07/02/06
MySpace Rules!
I can't even begin to describe how cool MySpace is. Don't get me wrong, Tribe is a better service for local Bay Area folks, Burning Man hippie types, and the Alternative Sexuality community, but in terms of Racial and Class diversity, National Reach, and Rich Media content, MySpace wins hands down.

Speaking of Racial and Class diversity, Orkut is also much more diverse than Tribe in this regard, having not only many Americans of various backgrounds, but many South Americans (Afro-Brazilians in particular) and Eastern Europeans (Estonians especially), among many others. - Unsubscribed , posted 06/24/06
Less fascist, maybe; but still far inferior.
I have to say, I really haven't seen much trouble from the Tribe brass since the Walter days. I miss the orange color, but once you learn the new editing system I think it's probably as good as it's ever been. I think the REAL competition will come from Free I hear what you're saying, but the good here FAR outstripps the bad. - Samhain , posted 04/20/06
This Machine Kills Fascists
I can barely even look at MySpace without wanting to dig my eyes out of my skull. Poor overall design, people forcing me to hear their music just by landing on their personal pages (I was already listening to my own music, thanks!), intrusive ads, and constant error messages every time I try to check my mail or browse the site keep me from going there more than once a week (or two). I don't see the appeal at all, and I'm hoping the fad will pass. Tribe's not perfect, but it's a damned stretch better in just about every way than MySpace. - Captain , posted 03/31/06
apples and oranges
myspace is for YOUR SPACE and finding friends, old and new, and keeping them. TRIBE is for meeting with people you'll never know who actually have the same interests as you. I may check my space because of my email, But note that I am still here to reply to this! - julia rose , posted 03/30/06
If you wanna help give to Rupert's agenda...sure, though I admit I'm on it... Frankley I see it as maybe the only good thing he's done. Though I'll say, customer service there sucks absolute ass. The atheist site, I wonder if it was Catholicism Wow! (after the Movie Dogma), some gang? of punkasses (like "Tony Danza") put some nasty shit on the moderator/creator's page in (the comments section) a hundred times over. He complained never got any help. Many people complained about the group of punkasses numerous times, none of them got kicked off at all. The moderator Buddy Christ, refused to take the pics down until the poster got kicked off (you're supposed to leave them up as evidence anyway...). Never happened, eventually, he just said screw this and left. Needless to say his hosted atheist group site went with him. has some good features...(for instance, it took me forever to find how to respond to this, and the fuck up I did do I couldn't delete, myspace is better about that), but know that no one's got your back when the shit goes down and someone decides to attack you... - Dawson , posted 03/15/06
I love MySpace.
It was way easier for me to design my page, and I found SO many friends I haven't talked to in ages. I know nothing about censorship in either myspace or tribe, as I haven't done anything needing to be censored, but I do have a naked chick as my background on myspace and no one's booted me...I only check tribe every week or so, but I'm on myspace everyday. And quite frankly, teenyboppers aren't really all that bad. My nephews are on myspace, and teeny though they may be, they're really cool. And I'm in my twenties, so I'm hardly defending my own generation... - Heidi , posted 02/28/06
myspace is easier for some things
I dont use a regular email any more - I use myspace. As for teenyboppers, yeah, they are annoying. but the elitist "you are nothing unless you go to burning man" types on tribe are equally off-putting.

its easier on myspace to send a quick message to a new person - that's good AND bad. its why we get spam from bands and cam girls, and why we meet new people faster.

tribe started censoring ANY sexuality, which I found very strange, i always thought tribe was for more mature crowds.

an alternative to myspace has emerged called xpeeps, which caters to swingers, sex clubs, casual encounter types, and the sex industry. - Unsubscribed , posted 02/16/06
Less Facist?! Pffft.
MySpace doesn't even COMPARE to Tribe.
- ♥C r i s t a♥ , posted 02/12/06
Making connections
I've used Myspace for tha past several months and have found a great tool to promote my book with. It has also allowed me to find a whole bunch of my old school mates. I don't know how more or less fascist Myspace is than Tribe. So far nothing I've done on Myspace has been censored. My only real complaint is the SPAM. If you mark "single" in your profile be prepared to be assaulted by webcam solicitations and although Myspace allows you to report SPAM easily enough, I don't see that they do anything about it. I keep getting the same crap in my mailbox week after week. - Unsubscribed , posted 02/12/06
It's like a post office box.
I was at MySpace long before Tribe, and I admit it: I'm still there because most of my friends are still only at MySpace. A few have come here, but most of them are still Tribe-free. A lot of these friends are close and I value their friendship, and I don't want to lose that by bailing out of MySpace just yet.

Comparing the fascist level of MySpace and Tribe is like comparing apples and oranges--several of my friends have been summarily booted off MySpace for reasons unknown, and pictures have a habit of disappearing if they don't meet Tom's high specifications. Plus there is the teenybopper factor. I don't much care for being hit on by 16 year old guys with sad clown makeup.

At this point I just use MySpace as a mail feature, to keep up with my friends via messages and blogs, and I use the Top 8 thingie to feature my favorite bands and musicians. I started that because too many people's feelings were getting hurt because you can't include everyone in your Top 8, no matter how much you want to do that, so I went for the bands. It's good exposure for musicians. And where else on this planet could I ever hope to run into the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, if not for MySpace?

MySpace is what you make it: if you want to use it as an all-purpose fun zone, you're going to be disappointed, but it's good if you want to keep in touch with people. Overall, it's...okay, with conditions. PARALYZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Sluggo , posted 02/11/06
Storage locker


MySpace is much worse
"There is an atheist group that keeps getting deleted for no given reason. It has been deteled 4 or 5 times now despite the creator's questioning to why."

"they auto-censor posts about competing sevices"

This is less fascist than Tribe?

I use myspace to have a place to send pelple to hear my music. I played along with the "lets collect friends and never speak to them" game just for laughs, and found about 4 people to talk to. The rest of them just wanted me to "rate" them. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Hate to say it but the majority of people who actually hang out there ARE teenyboppers - my 14 year old daughter can't get enough!!!!! Shitty software too. And the ads! Oy! - Unsubscribed , posted 02/11/06
yay for myspace!
boo for fox and rupert murdoch!
and to all you anti -teenybopper snobs...hello they are the future. there are alot of real cool kids on there too. and you sound like an ageist ass. i bet when you were a teenybopper you called people shit like "poseur" and "not cool".well i think you are lame and you suck and that there are alot of pretenttious self-righteous wankers on tribe.
anjd if you think tribe is any better as far as corporate advertising is concerend, i think you are deluded.
who owns tribe anyway? what's up with the adds in the threads? how do you know this information isn't being bought ,sold ,and classified?
myspace has done alot more for me than tribe, but sometimes i like tribe too. - Esmerelda , posted 02/10/06
it sucks, but it's free.
myspace is better for booking the band angle because they host MP3s, I have my stuff on as well but it lacks the random browsing element that comes into play. so, at this point, tribe is still great for spreading the word about my events, but myspace rakes in more of an audience of interested listeners day after day. ads are everywhere, I've learned to live with it. - drum stringer , posted 02/08/06
if you like spambots; pornbots; and bandbots (a new one!)
Its so clunky.

its so ad-infested. (tribe is only about halfway there!)

I hate how many stupid pretend people I have to decline affiliation to!

I'm a Myspace memeber just because People I know go there, and its convienient. But I rarly ever go there.

I miss Tribe classic. - ZaeM the Great an... , posted 02/08/06
MySpace is much worse
There is an atheist group that keeps getting deleted for no given reason. It has been deteled 4 or 5 times now despite the creator's questioning to why. - Jon , posted 01/18/06
MySpace - More facist than tribe
they auto-censor posts about competing sevices. - Unsubscribed , posted 01/10/06
Oh forget about it. - डर्शन् , posted 01/09/06
censorship on tribe
myspace sux
the pages are hard to navigate, it's full of tennieboppers, and it's really heterosexist/dare i say homophobic--only options are m/f and Gay Lesbian Bi and no answer. So not fitting into those boxes means that you really have no answer...and now i hear it's owned by fox? No wonder there's so many flippin ads everywhere....
fuck myspace - C-Bear , posted 12/31/05
Yeah, but Foxmedia?

"News Corporation" (parent company of Fox News) owns 'Nuff said.

Murdoch bought that site so that he could track "new target demographics" for their news empire. I used to love that site, but I pulled off all my content when that merger went through. (That's why I landed here.) - Capitol P , posted 12/28/05
still, I prefer tribe
yeah, i'm on there for the people, not for the interface. i find myself dreading to login. i think that the social and legal stigmas in this country are facist, but i'd still rather use the tribe interface and flag naked pictures as friends only. - Robin , posted 12/27/05
Ha Ha!
Cute pic! Thanks for the add!

MySpace sux. Tribe is da Bomb. By promoting MySpace/NewsCorp/Murdoch you embolden the *real* facists! - , posted 12/17/05
Go Ahead, make money for FoxNews, who owns it!
Might be bad over here, but at least it isn't generating ad revenue for THOSE pockets. - PinkBUHny , posted 12/13/05
MySpace is where the teen boppers hang out. It also has one of the most backwards page generators. I've yet to see a MySpace page that was actully legible and pleasing to the eye.

Maybe that's the designer in me talking, but that site just makes me scream! - katalicious , posted 12/08/05


;lkfkkjaiekfk;ao - Upfulness , posted 12/08/05
MYSPACE - less fascist than tribe! - Nunaya , posted 12/08/05

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