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"... the most innovative live-instrument electronic rock band around, with a hypnotic, surprise filled show that reveals others to be mere pretenders... I AM SPOONBENDER belong in one category only- their own." - VILLAGE VOICE |. "one of the most original and brilliant trios in new rock, whose formidable style quotes Brian Eno's chic synth-pop, Can's austere chamber rock, and This Heat's progressive industrial music, with occasional forays into post-rock and digital micromusic" - THE HISTORY OF ROCK MUSIC. SCARUFFI.COM.IT |. "one of the most unique and creative live bands around. The next time you hear about this band coming to a town near you, make sure you don't miss out. They will make you realize just how original and artistic a live musical performance can be, and let me tell you: there are a lot of bands out there that really should be taking notice. one of the best shows I have seen in a long time." - PITCHFORK.COM |. " the otherworldly avant-pop trio I Am Spoonbender is a band that, since 1998, has challenged mainstream music's status quo (as well as the paradigms of natural order and the occult) with thought- provoking electronic song-experiments. The group's do-it-yourself approach covers everything from recording its own albums to creating all the sounds in its tunes (as opposed to using widespread, preset patches), an ethic that has been influential on other musicians in recent years. Named after the telekinetic 'powers' of Uri Geller, the band shares a common thread with the great literary minds of magical realism. Above all, the group strives to draw attention to and point out the possible beauty of the small details in life that are often taken for granted, as well as those overarching issues that concern us all. In I Am Spoonbender's universe, this goal comes alive in multiple dimensions, with and without words. Vocals, bass, and drums meet with the band's primary instrumental palette, synthesizers (each member plays one in some manner or another), yet I Am Spoonbender is far from being some kind of new-wave revival band, the likes of which are all too common in today's musical landscape. In fact, as explained on its Web site, one of the band's strongest stances is "to NOT capitalize on the younger generation's lack of knowledge to the music that's come before." A high-minded experimental pop band with a conscience? Yep. " - SF WEEKLY - tzara tomorrow , posted 11/16/06
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