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Why can't I get a code??
I have emailed him, is there a better way?? - Salamander , posted 02/02/09
offline 10
Question about Essex
Does anyone know if children are allowed at Essex? -p - p , posted 06/24/07
wonderful hot tub
As a man, I've been going to the hot tub for over 13 years, it has been a place of serenity and healing for me. I can say that it is definitely a mixed gender space that makes a strong effort to keep gender balanced, and to maintain a comfortable environment for all who go there. Actually it is owned and operated by a very generous and nice man. I always make an effort to bring a woman with me or visit at off hours when it is unlikely to make women uncofortable. That said, it is not a womens only space, nor has it ever been. I am very grateful that this beautiful, free community service is available, and hope it will be for years to come. - EnthusiAdam! , posted 03/07/07
This is a women's only space
Did none of you know this? A very few male guests are allowed but the original intention is to seriously limit the number of men. As a woman, I can understand this - a great place to feel and BE safe with no gawking or having to look at penises or beards or whatever. We get this very few places on earth and it is so nice to be able to be naked and safe. Please men, you have the whole damn planet, can we just have one little tub to ourselves? - Unsubscribed , posted 03/07/07
please do be discrete

neighbor is unhappy and vengeful, wants to close down tub

please do not loiter or approach without a code doing so threatens the venue

please do not make any noise in or near

please do not talk, slam car doors, or draw attention of any sort (please no cell phones)

this healing spa is a unique service to community

perhaps we can help it most by creating other such soaks, to take the pressure off this one - Plant Trees , posted 01/31/07
Of course it gets five stars!
Thank you everyone for being sensitive / discrete about Essex (not posting the address, etc.) -- it's a wonderful and amazing place and even more amazing that it's survived so long. Which is why it's so important to respect Essex (and D, it's very generous owner) be careful who you invite, and always respectful of the rules. "Them that read 'em don't need 'em. Them that need 'em don't read 'em." --G - Gryphon , posted 01/31/07
berkeley hot tub
i heard about this tub from a gentleman a lobbyist for cfog and fofo went to the location near the stary plow and begged my way in since i have yet to know any one with a code and my friend hadn't been in so long he had misplaced his this was a wonderful experemce the tub is vert hot but i felt completely rejuvinated after use the scene is like entering a dream complete with mist created from the hot tub surrounded by tall redwood treasand other calif native plants quite the lay out i can wait to ge a code what a place to let every thing go and all comunication is non verbal what a way to connect with people the experience is wonderful the highest honor to the creator - Mr.Dusty , posted 12/04/06
secret Berkeley hot tub
I stumbled upon this one night when I was hanging with a few friends. One lady in the group said she had the code to get in, so we took a walk a few blocks away and gave it a try. Lo & behold, the code worked and the 6 of us entered. It was about 12am and the atmosphere was totally quite and serene. It reminded me perhaps of stepping into a secret fairy world that no one knows about. The water temp was extremely hot in the tub but it was quite exhilarating and wonderful. There is also a shower which people are to use before getting in the tub. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to go again sometime. - sebastian , posted 12/12/04
Best Community Hottub
This little gem is tucked away in someone's backyard complete with a native plants garden and giant redwoods. This is a silent (no talking what so ever), clothing optional, free space. The tub is kept super hot ~112, which keeps people from staying in too long, and there are wooden platforms in the garden to cool off on. It is open to the community 24 hours a day, 6 days a week- closed on Mondays for cleaning. While it is theoretically open to everyone who is respectful of the space, there is a gate with a code to regulate who comes in. I'm not including the address because you need to have somebody with the code take you there. But if you live in Berkeley and you're interested, chances are if you start asking around, someone you know has the code. - Sarah , posted 10/11/04
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