El Rio

12 ratings since posting on Thursday, July 29, 2004
in Mission District
3158 Mission Street at Cesar Chavez
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Sunday afternoon
If you show up on a Sunday afternoon, you're in for a super treat!! One of the best times I've had in the city. Great mixed crowd. - Shannon! , posted 06/03/05
a great mix of people
I love all the different scenes that you can find at
El Rio. It makes going there always an adventure.
The music can also be a lot of fun, in particular
after few drinks. - Giamma ™ , posted 03/21/05
Frinday night dancing is excellent
World music on Friday night! I love it!

They also have a great outdoor patio and seperate bar and dance areas so there are plenty of places to chill after shaking it on the dance floor. - Shawn , posted 02/14/05
Go when it's warm!
The two things about El Rio that truely rocks are it's shuffleboard table and the huge back patio/deck. When it's cold or rainy it sorta sucks. Monday's were $1 drink nights and the place had a wait to get in... what's up with that? Oh, and it's walking... errrr... crawling distance from my house. - Pete , posted 01/12/05
I like their variety - El Rio is a fun place! What else can I say? Go there. - Celeste , posted 12/29/04
salsa sunday -- excelente!
nothing gets me in trouble like margaritas and salsa on a sunday afternoon. show up early for lessons. the margaritas kind of suck -- very sugary, made from mix -- but cheap. - Ellen , posted 12/27/04
Always fun!
Great music, great performers. El Rio hosts salsa nights, bellydance performances and great dj's. Check out their calendar for something fun most nights of the week. Friendly staff too. - Elizabeth , posted 10/20/04
very cool patio
Of all the bars with outdoor patios in SF, El Rio's is the best that I've been to. Very cool, funky outdoor area with a covered bar and movies being played against a large, concrete neighboring wall at night. There's all kinds of little alcoves and areas to sit that make people-watching easy and pleasant. The inside of the bar is nothing special, but drinks don't break the bank and service is good. The area itself isn't the nicest part of town and parking can be difficult, however. Definitely worth a look if you haven't been. - Dave K. , posted 10/20/04
totally fun on a sunday night
and sf is lacking on good sunday night venues. in summer it gets 'hot' too:) - mark , posted 10/07/04
El Rio - plus Nap's right next door
El Rio is one of my favorites. There's usually something for everyone - whether it's Thursday night's "Arabian Nights" or live music out on the patio. Of course, one of the most special benefits of El Rio is its proximity to Nap's, a somewhat scary dive bar with EXCELLENT kareoke opportunities, just down the street. A night at El Rio is never finished until you've capped it with a song at Nap's. Word. - Valerie , posted 08/09/04
El Rio is a lot of fun
I like the sunday salsa. People there are very friendly. - Malik , posted 07/31/04
Great Outside Area
Many people don't know about this orientation-friendly bar. It has a little of everything from bernal lesbians, to mission hipsters, to local drunks. The backyard terrace/patio is surprisingly large. Check it out when you don't want to deal with the Zeitgeist crowd. - Darian , posted 07/29/04

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