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in Berkeley West
2501 San Pablo Ave
(510) 644-2035
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Bad service from wait staff
I have had several bad experiences with the wait staff. Very rude and impolite. Instead I would recommend Homemade Cafe, just a few blocks away on 2454 Sacramento Street. My sister and I found this place after leaving Bacheeso's after a very bad experience with the wait staff. - Adina , posted 11/28/05
great local place
check out the Mediterranean Buffet - Delicious and a Deal - heather , posted 08/23/05
Relaxed, homey, and good
I came there with a friend and was able to sit there for a very long time showing her my travel photos and catching up on old times. I had the gnocchi for lunch and it was very good. I really like the relaxed atmosphere and I'm hoping to go there again to try more of the food. It looks like they have plenty for vegetarians. - Unsubscribed , posted 04/15/05
Best lunch buffet
Wear elastic or drawstring pants, everything from greek to mexican and it is all mouthwatering. - Pamela , posted 10/13/04
Cheap homemade style breakfast/lunch buffet
The food is not restaurant food...more like food someone's grandma who is a really good cook would make. You can get individual dishes, but the buffet has everything they offer. There's always a roasted turkey, salad, soup, pasta, roasted veggies, and a couple dessert items.

They often have some kind of tofu dish as well, and the price is not unreasonable if you are a vegetarian who is willing to eat at a buffet which offers meat. - Hen , posted 10/07/04
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