Lucca Ravioli Co.

2 ratings since posting on Thursday, October 21, 2004
in Mission District
1100 Valencia St
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Feels like you are in Boston or New York
A real Italian shop, bursting with imported goods from Italy, dozens of specialty cheeses, a wide selection of freshly cut meats, but it is the homemade ravioli that steals the show. Spinach, cheese, meat, or holiday special, Lucca's ravioli's will keep you coming back for more! - Eric , posted 10/21/04
A touch of North Beach in the Mission
Old world deli with fabulous goods and fresh meats. Don't miss the seasonal ravioli, local and imported wines, good artisan breads, meats, cheeses, goodies, and a poem of approval (in Italian) from Lawrence Ferlenghetti over the door... - Bobzilla , posted 10/21/04

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