Looking for Women involved in Drug Markets- $100 cash Paid Research Study

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Company: Institute for Scientific Analysis
Rate: (contract)
Type: Contract
City: San Francisco
The Institute for Scientific Analysis, a non-profit social research institute in San Francisco, is conducting a study of women involved in illegal drug markets. Women who are college students are particularly encouraged to participate. Those who qualify will take part in a COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL interview on topics related to drug distribution with a woman interviewer.

Qualified participants will receive $100 cash for their time (2-3 hour interview). Those who refer others who qualify for the study and complete an interview also receive $50 cash. This interview is completely confidential—you do not even have to give us your real name. You will be able to tell your story your way and perhaps help other women.

For more information about Institute for Scientific Analysis, please visit our website: www.scientificanalysis.org

Please call (415) 593-2355 (if no answer, ext. 190 for messages) and ask for the Women’s Study if you or anyone you know might be interested. More details will be given at that time.

Thank you

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San Francisco

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