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I'm looking for an IT person (or two, if necessary) to handle computer (PC and laptops) and network maintenance, upgrading, and cleanup for both my Dom and myself, in both home and office environments. All of our home computers are really farkled, and we both need help.

He's in central Alameda County, and I'm in Marin, if you care about geography.

Kinky or at least kink-friendly is essential for him because of his surfing habits, and desirable but nowhere near as important for me.

He'll likely need someone who's available evenings and/or weekends, ideally for his home computers; for me, any time during the regular work week including evenings will work. Both of us need onsite service, and someone who's also got good general availability for emergencies.

Appropriate certifications desired, with solid knowledge of wireless networks and deep knowledge of spyware and virus issues - and of course reasonable rates.

Please contact me privately here, or at kinkylittlegirl on Comcast.

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