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Location San Francisco

in San Francisco
with Auntie Matter
Founder & Lead Percussionist
AXIS MUNDI Sonic Shamanic Trance Groove

Be confident in a drum circle!

Every Other Tuesdasy ( 2nd & 4th weeks of the month)
All classes convene from 7pm to 8:30

Doumbek, Djembe and All World Hand Drums...(except Frame Drums)
Learn to get the best sounds from your drum, mesmerizing
World Beat rhythm patterns from India, the Middle East and
Africa, and the basic skills for journeying the shamanic realm
of World Beat Trance Drumming. Based on my long practice
of Kundalini Sound Yoga and Trance Drumming, you will learn
several rhythm patterns and their variations that can all be
combined into a seamless cycle of nested polyrhythms. You
will also learn how to easily transition from one to another of
these patterns, play them simultaneously on top of each other
canon style with other drummers, be confident in a drum circle,
improvise & invent your own rhythms, and seamlessly return to
the Mother Beat, all without getting lost or dropping the beat!
I will also teach you how to effortlessly "Stop Thinking" and reap
the benefits of Trance Drumming - states of rapture & elation,
healing & stress relief, disconnection from Time, and expanded
Unified Field Awareness are regularly experienced.

They are a great opportunity to get started or return
to drumming! These small group classes are a lot of
fun and a great way to make progress very fast.
They quickly become truly quality Drum Circles!

on Potrero Hill in San Francisco
easily reached by car - PLENTY OF EASY STREET PARKING!!
or Public Transportation - the Muni lines 48 & 22 run right to it.
Once you register for the class, you will be sent the address
and directions. And a group email Class reminder goes out every
Sunday prior to class.


$35 per each Class. Cash preferred but checks are OK.
You don't have to pre-pay, you pay as you go at each
class, but you do have to Register with me.
There is a $10 fee for missed classes.

These are NOT drop-in classes. To be fair to the rest of
the class, so everyone can progress, & also so I can teach
each student a significant grounding in the basics, you have
to register with me & commit to coming for at least 3 months
(6 classes). You can then choose to continue on or not.
Of course, if you try a first class and it just does not feel like
the right fit for you, nothing holds you to returning, since you have
not prepaid. But 99.9% of my students do choose to continue on!

BYO drum if you have one...

Limited Drum Rental available:
Doumbeks & D'jembes - $10 per drum, per class.
If you do not already have your own drum, you can start
out by renting a drum from me - try out Doumbek and/or
D'jembe and see what you like.
Contact me before the lesson if you want to use one!

After you have joined the class I can email you my
recommendations for the best drums, buying them
and where to get the best deals.

My students get a 10% Discount on Drums at Guitar Center
and Lark in the Morning.

Namaste` ~ Auntie Matter (aka Sondra Slade)
For more info... contact: axismundi@jps.net


Student Feedback:

"Last night, I spent two hours with Axis Mundi founder
Sondra Slade, being tutored by her in "trance drumming."
Sondra is a marvelous teacher, extraordinary drummer,
and utterly delicious human being. A joyous elation
flooded my body, mind, and heart as I entered a sensual
world beyond thoughts and concepts - a world of feeling,
rhythm, vibration, pulse, and primal conscious energy."
Robert Rabbin, Founder, Radical Sages

"Thank you for a wonderful class last night. We went home
absolutely ecstatic! You were very kind and gentle to us as
beginning drummers, and we are now very excited to have
some basis for practice. I suffered a head injury in an auto
accident, and I was worried that I would not be able to
understand the instructions, follow the rhythm or even
attempt to keep up with the rest of the class, but you helped
me focus and get into that nice 'theta state'. I felt good
drumming! We plan to study with you again and again!"
Chris and Robert

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the classes!
It’s so beautiful to see the passion you have for your work!
The magic of the drum can take me into an altered state
of consciousness very quickly. I can’t wait to practice the
beat you taught me." Doris

"Thank you for your time and your generosity. You
have imparted and shared not just musical notes but
a lot of insights about drumming which are very
enlightening - and made me love drumming more" Mae

"A woman of wit, intelligence and wonder! You are
beautiful inside and out. I love your trance drumming
classes! My mind has expanded and my aggression is
near zero." Juno

"I love the drumming! This is part of a healing practice for me;
I am recovering from some intensive medical treatments.
Sondra, I have benefited so much from our drumming!" Tish

"I have such a great time in class. It feels really
expansive, and I feel that the drum becomes a part
of me, which is really special...it feels so good! I'm
so eager to drum more and get into more TRANCE.
I can't wait to see you again and get back into the pulse.
Thanks so much." Dane

"What a beautiful night! I was having these waves of
epiphanies wash over me...Very enjoyable and a great
learning experience! Thank you! I feel blessed and
honored to have been there to share it." Nicolle


AUNTIE MATTER (aka Sondra Slade) Percussionist:
Founded AXIS MUNDI World Groove Trance Chant
and is the band's Producer, Artistic Director & Lead
Percussionist. She has studied & performed music her
whole life, and at the Ali Akbar Khan School of Music
& the Center for World Music, she first became involved
in Indian and Middle Eastern music and Sacred Sound
as a Spiritual Path. She has produced numerous World
Music events & performed with many varied ensembles,
and over 10 years ago she began journeying the Mystical
Shamanic Path of TRANCE DRUMMING as an integral part
of her practice of Kundalini 'Spontaneous Sound Yoga.'
Sondra has served as Adjunct Instructor of Spirituality
at Holy Names College and the University of Creation
Spirituality, served on the faculty at GaiaAlliance teaching
Sacred Sound for Transformation, and has taught Trance
Drumming at Belladonna, Spiral Muse, Change Makers, the
SF Spiritual Enrichment Center, the Humanist Fellowship,
& the Institute for Conscious BodyWork. She now teaches
several ongoing classes in San Francisco.

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